Zef Paci

Luka Mjeda

Dhurata Thanasi

Dhurata Thanasi Daneri holds a BA in Albanian Language and Literature from the University of Tirana, a BA in Agro-Environment Engineering from the Agriculture University of Tirana, a MA in Public Policies and Administration from Central European University, and has also attended post university studies at Harvard University, “Kennedy School of Government”.

She currently works as an expert in Development of Local and Rural Governance and has over 15 years’ experience in working for various International Agencies such as UNDP, UNOPS, WHO and SOROS Foundation in Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Italy, Asia and North Africa.

 Mrs. Thanasi is passionate about photography, a passion born during her work with humanitarian missions in areas of ethnic conflicts and extreme poverty.

Erzen Shkololli

Alketa Misja

Alketa Misja was born in Tirana in 1971. She graduated in 1995 as an Architect Urban Planner in the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania. From 1995-2007, she worked as a full time lecturer at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning Department, and as part time lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Geography, in University of Tirana. She has done postgraduate studies in Rotterdam, Oxford, in the field of urban planning and management and Master in Business Management (MBA) at the Faculty of Economy, Tirana. In 2008, she took an interest in Photography as a tool to investigate different forms and outcomes of urban transformations. She followed the New York Institute of Photography in Professional Photography. Her work has been awarded in international competitions and has participated in different exhibitions.

Genti Gjikola

Genti Gjikola graduated from Tirana University in Geography and History (1996), read Architecture of Interiors at Oxford Brookes University, England (2008) and holds an MA from University College London, England in Architectural History (2010). From 2008, he is Head of Exhibitions Department at the Albanian National Gallery of Arts in Tirana where he has installed, co-curated and supervised a great number of exhibitions. His own artworks were included in the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007 as part of the Albanian Pavilion.


Roland Tasho

Virginie Caquot

Tami Notsani

Born in Haifa in 1972, Tami Notsani lives and works in Paris and in Israel. She graduated from the Fresnoy in Turcoing and the Bezalel FIne Arts Academy in Jerusalem. The artist regularly exhibits in France and abroad. Most recent exhibitions include: Mamco – Geneva, Nuit blanche – Paris, MNHA, Luxembourg, Ashdod Art Museum – Israel, MUCEM – Marseille 2013. Notsani has participated in several residencies and has also received numerous awards. Her work is part of several collections in Europe, USA and Israel.

My photographic art practice is rooted in portraiture and landscape. Questioning the relationship between identity, culture, territory and place, I mostly document images from life’s events, experiences and passages.

Whether it be immediate family or local settings, inspired by people and surroundings I intimately know, many of my projects follow the subject’s transformation over a long period of time. Exploring the photographic image, capturing and recapturing the same subject again and again, reveals an underlying human condition in an ever changing society.

Starting from archival footage of days gone by, or from traditional photography and film, to today’s digital media and their diverse social applications and the public’s accessibility I also question how we exchange, publish and share personal images in relation to public and private space and how that impacts the ways in which we convey images about who we are and where we come from.

My recent works feature participatory performances and installations, where spectators become an active part in the project development.


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