is a program designed to provide tools for youth to be engaged with the social, the political and the arts.

The Centre for Openness and Dialogue at the Prime Minister Building opens its spaces, archive, library and program to engage with educational institutions in Albania in order to process ideas and create knowledge through participative dialogue with youth.

By offering a program of film screenings, seminars with local and international associations as well as workshops with artists, COD & YOUTH elaborates issues such as gender, human rights, violence, as well as heritage, the environment and social economy, with the intention to learn from youth and create new possibilities for knowledge and politics.

Through our network of national and international organizations we enable engagement with a broad range of institutions – from secondary schools to universities and independent organizations – working with youth all over Albania.

In cooperation with the youth, COD can plan a series as well as one- time event or a long term dialogue. You can work with us to tailor a program, an event or a visit, based on your needs.


“Sali Halili” Përrenjas

“Inkus” Elbasan

“Numani” Fier

“Rilindja” Durrës

“Sami Frasheri” Tiranë

“Wilson” Tiranë

“Arianti” Elbasan

“Aristoteli” Tirane

Kolegji “Turgut Ozal” Tiranë

“Ismail Qemali” Tiranë

“Kostandin Kristoforidhi” Elbasan

“New York” High School Tiranë

“Independent College”, Linz, Tiranë

“Migjeni” Durrës

“Petro Nini” Tiranë

“Kostandin Kristoforidhi” Tiranë

School Association “Loyola-Gymnasium” Prizren

“Dora D’istria” Tiranë

“Partizani” Tiranë

“Hoteleri Turizëm” Tiranë

Akademia e Arteve Tiranë

“Jeronim de Rada” Tiranë

 “Kajo Karafili” Maminas

Artistic high school “Jordan Misja” Tiranë

“Shefeqet Tamci”  Bulqizë

“Xhevdet Doda” Bulqizë

“Vëllazëri-Bashkim” Ulqin

“Drita” Ulqin

“Andon Zako Cajupi” Tiranë

“Elena Gjika” Prishtinë

“Sinaj Tafaj” Tiranë

“Asim Vokshi” Tiranë, (italian)


Universiteti “Aleksander Xhuvani” Elbasan

Fakulteti i Gjuhëve të huaja, Dega Komunikim Ndërkulturor

Fakulteti i Shkencave Sociale

Fakulteti i Drejtesisë

Fakulteti i Ekonomisë

Fakulteti i Arkitekturës dhe Urbanistikës

Fakulteti i Gjeografise dhe Historise

Albanian University, Berat

Fakulteti i Gjuhëve të Huaja, dega Gjermanisht

Taking part in the COD activities, made me feel part of something very valuable. Also made me understand better the politics. Because if you don’t deal with politics, the politics will deal with you.” Florida Mucollari (Faculty of Economics)


“Attending COD activities had a very positive impact on me, and moreover interacting with quite collaborative and capable people. “Gregi Cami (Sami Frasheri High School)


“My experience with COD has not only been fruitful for the broadening of my knowledge and skills but also for creating a youth network which is being enriched day by day. Personalities like Tanja Fajon, Massimo d’Alemma or Hannes Swoboda are deeply rooted in my memory as success stories for further improvement.” Klea Vyshka (Faculty of Law)


“I am very happy that for the first time such important activities are being trusted to the work and opinion of the young generation. We are the future and it is up to us to be part of a project such as that of the Scanderbeg Square that will start and take its shape in the coming days” Jetmir Myftaraj (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism)