foto: Blerta Kambo Copyright Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno

Marquee, 2008. Neon, fluorescent light, chains.

Installation viewed: “Solomon R. Guggenheim” Museum, New York

Filip Parreno is a French whose work includes various media, such as film, installations, performance, drawing, and text. By re-evaluating the meaning of reality, memory and the imaginary, Parreno focuses on expanding ideas of time and duration through his artworks and distinctive conception of exhibitions as a medium. Preferring projects to objects, he began examining unique approaches to narration and representation in the 1990s and has been exhibiting internationally ever since.

The concept of exhibitions and exhibition-making has been a central aspect for Parreno. Taking the exhibition as a medium, he radically redefined the exhibition experience by exploring its possibilities as a coherent “object” rather than as a collection of individual works. To this end, he conceives his shows as a scripted space where a series of events unfolds, guiding the visitor through the galleries by the orchestration of sound and image. This is a question of creating, in a given volume, as much space and time as possible by folding and unfolding the space onto itself. He seeks to transform the exhibition visit into a singular experience that plays with spatial and temporal boundaries and the sensory experience of the visitor who is guided through the space by the orchestration of sound and image. For the artist, the exhibition is less a total work of art than a necessary interdependence that offers an on-going series of open possibilities.

Apart from his extended concept of exhibitions, Parreno’s artworks are concerned with the transformation of art genres, where is great diversity of used media plays a significant role. Moreover, his occupation with time and his questioning of reality, memory and the passage of time seeks to expand not only the general exhibition concept but also the common understanding of duration.

Since 2006 Parreno has been creating light works that resemble the type of illuminated canopies that feature on theatres and old fashioned cinemas. The glowing pieces span the realms of sculpture, architecture and art acting as ambiguous gateways to the outside world.

Duke funksionuar si shenja apo etiketa pa fjalë, këto strehë si fantazma i gjejmë shpesh në hyrje të muzeve dhe qendrave të artit, ku duket sikur i ftojnë të pranishmit jo për një vizitë, por për të parë vetë shfaqjen. Streha më e madhe që Parreno ka realizuar deri më sot, Marquee Tirana/Markiza Tiranë 2015, ndriçon hyrjen e Kryeministrisë shqiptare që hap dyert për publikun me COD.

This art work was a gift for the Albanian People

Filip Parreno lives and works in Paris. His work is displayed all over the world. His personal exhibitions include H {N} YPN (Y} OSIS, exhibited at Park Avenue Armory, New York, 2015; Everywhere, Everywhere Outside the World at the Tokyo Palace in Paris, 2013; Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in 2013, the “Barbican” Art Gallery in London, 2013, “Beyeler” Foundation, 2012, the Philadelphia Art Museum, 2012, the Serpentine Gallery in London, 2010, the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, 2009; Pompidu Center in Paris, 2009, Art Gallery in Zurich, 2009, Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, 2003, and the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, 2002.