Anisa Rustemi

Anisa Rustemi, graduated in 2016, holds a Master’s degree in Law with high honors from University of Tirana. In 2015 she was a volunteer at “Youth for Human Rights Albania” where she gained new experiences and soft skills. Inspired by such involvement she participated in different seminars, projects and trainings, developing her foreign language and organizative skills. Anisa Rustemi was an intern at COD for 10 months.

Bruno Çoku

Bruno Coku studied at the Agriculturalal University of Tirana majoring in Forest Sciences. He has been a volunteer to different organisations in Tirana giving his contrubution as a consultant in albanian and english language. Moreover he worked as a cashier and storekeeper at Art Service Company in Tirana, specialized for products coded in english. During the time he worked for this establishment he took different courses in finance and computer science. Has been part of the COD team since June 2016.

Eda Lleshaj

Eda Lleshaj completed the Bachelor’s Degree on French Language, Literature and Civilization at the University of Tirana. She hold’s a Master’s degree on Didactics, Languages and Literature in French-speaking Countries from University of Craiov in Romania. Currently, she is completing a second  Master’s degree at Paris University Sorbonne Nouvelle 3 for Didactics. She was awarded with the first prize for “Frankofone Poetry” 2015- Tirana and “The Creation of the Best Haikunoi” 2016, Romania. During 2015-2016 she served as secretary of the Craiov University’s faculty. In May 2016 she graduated for teaching French language from (A.R.P.F Dolj, I.S.J. Dolj, U.C, L.F.R). She participated in the international seminar “Formation and Research” (Center for Research Philopedagogical-Romania); interpreting the main role of the work “Fragments d’histoires oubliées” by author Céline De Bo. Lleshaj became part of the COD staff in August 2016.

Elmina Damarja

Elmina Damarja completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree on Social Work at the Social Sciences Faculty. Her current profile has helped her with the internship at COD, where communication with the public, reception and development of activities of various natures has been the main focus. Collaborated for 6 months with COD.

Xhuljan Ferzaj

Xhuljan Ferzaj graduated in July 2013  from the European University of Tirana majoring in Political Science. He then continued his second-level Master’s degree in International Relations, which he finished with excellent results.

Thanks to different courses, trainings, workshops, seminars and projects, he has gained good skills in foreign languages, research, computer skills, etc. In 2013 he worked as an intern in the social affairs office in Municipal Unit no. 5; at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities; then as a coordinator at the project office, SOROS; has attended the Institute of Political Studies and during 2015 was an intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has collaborated with European Movement Albania. During these years he gave his contribution as a press release writer. Mr. Ferzaj is the author of two children’s books, “The Underground Lake” and “The Adventures of Piter”. He collaborated with COD for a 6 month period.

On 2 June 2017, at the COD forum was organised the presentation of the book “The Adventures of Peter”

Aviola Gjata

Aviola Gjata completed her Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting at the Faculty of Economics at Fan S. Noli University. In 2011-2013 she completed her Master’s degree for Finance and Accounting at the same University. After graduation she started working in the city of Korça in the financial field, mainly in the private sector. She joined COD’s staff for a few months as an assistant for administrative co-ordination.

Elma Dhamo

Elma Dhamo graduated from the University of Natural Sciences, the Department of Informatics. After completing the Bachelor’s degree, she pursued intensive programming courses in Database and Programming Basics in C ++. Currently she is ceompleting her Master of Science in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Business Informatics. After finishing with her internship at COD in April 2016, she joined the center’s team as a specialist.

Elena Sholla

Elena Sholla holds a Master’s degree on Sociology at the University of Tirana, the Faculty of Social Sciences. There has had various employment experiences, from which she has gained a lot of skills and maturity. Can speak both Italian and English languages. Collaborated with COD for 6 months.

Sidorela Xhahollari

Sidorela Xhahollari graduated with high honors from the Faculty of Social Sciences fmajoring in Sociology in July 2014. She holds a Master’s Degree on Sociology of Social Development. Thanks to numerous courses, seminars, various projects, etc., she has gained good skills in foreign languages, research, computer skills, etc. During 2015 she worked as a volunteer at the Center for Education and Integration of Children-EIF. She collaborated with COD for 6 months.

Teneda Luli

Teneda Luli graduated in Literature, Linguistics and Hispanic History at the University of Tirana in 2015. Currently, she continues her master degree at the Faculty of Philology and History, Tirana. Thanks to her experience in various fields, she has gained comprehensive skills and different qualifications. Earlier she has worked as an accounting assistant, sales manager and creative journalist. She has contributed during the first steps of COD establishment, in the digitization project of  the archives of the Ministers Council in April 2016.

Nensi Koja

Monika Luarasi

Jona Hebaj

Jona Hebaj holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. She completed her studies at Epoka University in 2015. She is currently a Master of Science student in Software Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. She has had different internship experiences related to website maintenance, mentoring programs, banking system recognition. She has worked as a software developer and has been part of the COD team, in the digitalization project of the archives of the Ministers Council. Collaborated for 6 months with COD.