Peter Kogler

He was born in Innsbruck, Austria in 1959 and works as a multimedial artist (multidimensional). In a conversation with Kathrin Rhomberg in 2014, he claims:

“I have always been interested in knowing how to transform my visual or artistic art through technological developments so it could be carried differently. This is something I focus on constantly, which means that I often have to go back at my works. It is likely that this is why I have decided to work with an incredibly reduced visual vocabulary. I would be too formal in my artistic approach if I were to limit myself to recreating and redesigning my art. Repetition is one of my favorites methods. Similarly as it happens in a course of experiments, I try and test different variations of the same motif, to see what is really going to fit, where and how to find the best approach. This is a reflection of the reality of my work processes, especially when using the technical path.

A subjective work or issue that relate to the ego come up in the second plan by repetition and this seems to me very interesting. This makes matters more factual and open. If there is not simply a version, but 10 or 50 different alternatives of a motif or variant, then everything related to expression becomes relative.

Një vepër subjektive apo çështje të cilat kanë të bëjnë me unin dalin në plan të dytë nga përsëritja dhe kjo më duket shumë interesante. Kjo i bën gjërat faktike dhe më të hapura. Nëse nuk ka thjesht një version, por 10 apo 50 variante të ndryshme të një motivi apo varianti, atëherë gjithçka që ka të bëjë me të shprehurit bëhet relative.