COD | Artist Talks

The Centre for Openness and Dialogue has the pleasure to start a new series of Artist Talks focusing on the work of contemporary artists perating in Albania with a particular attention on their relationship with media.

The format of the presentation proposed will be decided by the invited artist. A projection, a talk with a curator, a fellow artist, a stand-alone presentation or a performative lecture. The title of each presentation takes the name of the artist presenting who will lead the dialogue through a specific topic in relation to their work.

The aim of COD | Artist Talk is to offer, through artistic language, elements which the realm of politics may or may not take into consideration, but to which they should be confronted to. The very nature of dialogue needs to be re-considered while it is happening inside the space of political gatherings, statements, and everyday work. Politicians mediate dialogue through different methods: performance, text, speech, response, images, statements. Artist practice is freed from bindings of any sort, is anarchic, is everywhere, and it resist definitions. Yet art is what manages to communicate which aspects of reality or imagination should be assigned the highest of responsibilities.

You are invited to follow our events checking this page, or COD calendar. COD | Artist Talks will happen between 6.30 and 8 in the spaces of the Forum Room and the Digital Area at the Centre for Openness and Dialogue in Tirnana.

Places are limited and each time we send invitations. If you want to be added to the mailing list please contact:





Yllka COD Artists Talks