born in Shkoder (Albania) in 1989, lives and works in Milan.

Edson Luli’s work is a continuous investigation about the existence of the being and its relation to technology.  The way we behave within the spaces of everyday life can be though as the essence of our presence in the world. But what happens when we start thinking about it, maybe in front of a device? The role of the artist, for Luli, is the one of the activator of perception, floating between philosophical, psychoanalytical, scientific methods of observation. By offering to the audience a participative type of gaze, he proposes, through his practice, the contingency of the geography of the real and the virtual self.

In COD Luli will intervene in the spaces of the Forum Room and the Digital Area by proposing a dialogue regarding: THE OBSERVER AND THE OBSERVED.



A vicious ring (2013)

Video, b/w, silent, 22 min 35 sec

“…With the camera mounted on the right side of the car, I drive a full circle, the most important street of a city in which the story is written in different forms, where I take the role of the observer entering within its own rhythm and complexity…” EL


Who are you laughing at? (2015)

Video – interactive installation

The projection, a virtual space representing reality, conditions the behavior of the audience. ‘Who are you laughing at?’ is an interaction between physical and virtual reality, where one starts to observe the self.


Luli has participated in: Tirana Film Festival, Tirana, 2016; Hotel Europa, Concordia, Exhibition Space Langestraat 56, Netherlands, 2016; Fuori Visioni – Contemporary Art Festival, Piacenza, 2016; Talking About, MM XI, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtine, 2016; VideoZero, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, 2016; Combat Prize, Museum G. Fattori, Livorno, 2016; Milano Film Festival, Milan, 2015; VideoZero, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, 2015; Future Identities, Laura Haber Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2015; The rhythm of art lies somewhere in between, Bienal del Fin del Mundo IV, Chile, 2015;Hybrid Identities, Contemporary Venice, Palazzo Flangini, Venice, 2014; Pamur, Visual Arts Festival, Tirana, 2014; Black Box, Malaga Home Gallery, Milan, 2014.