Years ago, a fountain was built in the square at the center of the architectural complex of the public University of Tirana. The square is named today after Mother Teresa. That fountain severely violated the complex concept of the urban design of the square developed by the Italian architect, Gherardio Bosio.


The architectural complex around the University has always served as a historical and esthetic reference for me, enabling me to establish an emotional relation with a unique and creatively perfect piece of work.

The square and the boulevard that comprises the main urban spinal cord of the city serve to these day as the theater set for the dramatic events of our contemporary history. This inspired my attempt to present a set of paintings that focus on the story of the fountain as an interesting moment that transcends time.


My intent to preserve a coherent relationship among the six paintings and between them and the main buildings that comprise the architectural complex stems from the need to introduce a kind of artistic order among the paintings by making use of a certain chromatic continuum that, in turn, organically connects to the content and the administrative functions that these buildings hold today.