Space on the boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit”

Years ago, the street that is part of the architectural complex of the State University of Tirana, which today bears the name of Mother Teresa, built a fountain that was a violent intervention in solving complex urban perception of Italian architect Gherardio Bosio.

University architectural complex was about a historical and aesthetic reference for me, who has served as emotional relationship with a unique and artistic work perfectly.

Square, along with urban boulevard as the main axis of the city, has continued to this day to serve as the theater of events, often dramatically our contemporary history. These were the reasons that have inspired my initiative to build a series of paintings where the history of the fountain serves as generalization interesting moment.

Desire to maintain a relationship coherent among six paintings and constructions that constitute the complex architectural, came as a need for an organization to control artistic works in relation to each other using a range chromatic set, which responds organically content and administrative function today preserve these buildings.

Edi Hila