COD opens Season 2016-3
Dialoguing by…

 Tirana,  14th October, 2016 – Entitled “Dialoguing by…”, Season 2016-3 in COD opens with the exhibition “Just hanging around”, curated by Mr. Erzen Shkololli. The exhibition combines the works of artists such as Flaka Haliti, Laurent Mareschal, Nathan Coley, Peter Kogler and Vigan Nimani.

Using computer technology for creating and recreating a series of graphic images, the Austrian artist Peter Kogler presents six art works “Untitled” 2013, enabled  by COD cooperation with the Austrian Embassy. In the Forum are projected 16 interviews of the artist, bringing his creative process in several dimensions.

The Scottish artist Nathan Coley presents the artwork “A place beyond belief”, created in 2012. Exhibited throughout the world in varying forms and versions, with social and existential phrases, its actuality is impressive.

Flaka Haliti, the artist who represented Kosovo in 2015 at the Venice Biennale, presents the installation, “Just hanging around”, a metaphor that puts the artist in front of the commercial world. The installation was presented earlier in Berlin in 2014. Because of the simplicity of making, the work  is reduced in title and in its representative and aesthetic form.

In the “Meet the Artist” Room, in collaboration with the French Embassy, COD presents the installation, “Beiti” of the French artist Laurent Mareschal. An unusual artwork, made with spices, through which are evoked the multi-layered ties between East and West.

In the other premises of COD are exposed the minimalist works of Vigan Nimani, inspired by modern urban environments, stripped of any additional decoration. The artist from Kosovo brings in COD his impression of the metaphysical eternity, expressed in forms and relationships.

Shkololli himself expresses that “the title of Flaka’s work, Just Hanging Around is a watchword and at the same time, the key to openness and dialogue with the aesthetics of contemporary art that, even in subjects seemingly ephemeral, finds the seeds and spices of the sublime”.

Erzen Shkololli is an artist and curator. He is director of the foundation “Unë e du Kosovën” in Prishtina, Kosovo. He is also curatorial advisor to documenta 14. From 2011 until 2015 he was director of the National Gallery of Kosovo and in 2013 Shkololli was commissioner of the first representation of the Republic of Kosovo at the 55th edition of the Venice Biennale. From 2003 to 2007 he held the position of artistic director at the Contemporary Art Institute EXIT in Peja, an exchange initiative in Kosovo, involved with transforming the local cultural landscape. His artistic practice utilises local rituals and folklore in order to draw attention to specific socio-political situations; his work has been exhibited internationally.



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